Pet Sleepover

For those considering adoption, the sleepover program provides the opportunity to take home a pet for up to 14 days on a trial basis. The program is available for select pets that have already been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Participants complete an adoption application upfront, in the hopes that the sleepover will help facilitate a match. If the participants decide to adopt then they may keep the pet, if the trial does not work out for any reason they can return the pet to Animal Services.

Taking a pet for a sleepover is a great opportunity to spend quality time with a pet and truly get to know their personality in a home environment. Even if the pet isn’t adopted at the conclusion of the sleepover, it’s a great opportunity for that pet to get a reprieve from the shelter and receive some dedicated TLC.

If you’re interested in giving a shelter pet a chance, please email us at to inquire for more information or visit the shelter in person.

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