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Orange County Animal Services receives thousands of homeless pets each and every year, an indication that pet overpopulation is a problem within our community. Pet overpopulation means that the number of homeless animals outpaces the number of available homes. The problem can be fixed by encouraging pet owners to “fix” their pets, preventing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.

A spay (for female pets) or neuter (for male pets) is a surgery that prevents them from being able to breed additional pets. This sterilization procedure is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Approximately 75% of the pets coming in to Animal Services are intact, meaning they have not been spayed or neutered. There are pervasive myths about spay/neuter that exist and may discourage pet owners from seeking out the procedure. Here are the facts:

Studies have proven that the life expectancy for neutered dogs was 13.8% longer than that of their intact counterparts. For females the difference is even more striking, with spayed female dogs living 26.3% longer.

In addition to the health benefits, sterilized pets are, in general, better behaved. They are less likely to roam away from home and escape. Male dogs are less likely to mount other dogs, people or objects once neutered. Female pets no longer go into heat once sterilized, which ends their cycle of hormones causing discharge, troublesome vocalization including howling and frequent urination.

While any surgery carries a risk of complication, studies have proven that procedures performed at high volume spay/neuter clinics have a mortality rate of 0.03%, meaning any risk is minimal.

Because of these factors, Orange County Animal Services strongly promotes and advocates for pet spay and neuter.

Voucher Program

UPDATE on July 5, 2024: Vouchers are currently unavailable.

The shelter is now offering a voucher program to provide low-income Orange County residents with free spay and neuter for their pets. Please check at the beginning of each month to see if vouchers have been replenished. 

For the purpose of this program, low-income individuals will be identified as those who meet 200% of or are below the federal poverty level, receive Medicaid benefits or have an ACCESS EBT Card. Only Orange County residents who are able to provide proof of poverty level via tax return, proof of Medicaid benefits or display their ACCESS EBT Card are eligible to receive a voucher. Proof of Orange County residency will also be verified via identification. These items are to be on hand and ready for display at the clinics at time of check-in for the procedure.

For those who do not meet the criteria listed above, low-cost spay/neuter services are still present and available. the pet alliance of greater orlando, snip-it, spay n save and the spca of brevard all offer affordable spay/neuter services. other deals may be available at veterinary clinics throughout the area so it’s recommended to reach out and inquire with many places.

Orange County Animal Services is partnering with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Snip-It, and Spay N Save for this program and the services will be offered at those three clinics. Those with a voucher can call and schedule an appointment at whichever of those three clinics they prefer.

Yes. Once the voucher has been issued, the recipient must schedule the procedure with 90 days. The spay/neuter is to be performed within 180 days of the voucher’s issue date. If the recipient is unable to do so, the voucher will be voided and made available to another individual.

The voucher exclusively covers the spay/neuter procedure and a rabies vaccination, if the pet needs one. Any additional vetting is not covered by this program.

The voucher program offers two free pet spay/neuter surgeries per household. If there are households with additional pets in need of sterilization then it is recommended to pursue low-cost spay/neuter services at the participating clinics. There is no weight restriction for this program. It is limited to dogs and cats, no other animals.

This program is intended for owned animals, not colony cats. If you are seeking support in having outside cats in your neighborhood sterilized and vaccinated, please consider trap-neuter-return. More information on the resources for outside cats available here.

This program is initially funded by a grant from Florida Animal Friend in the amount of $20,000. Once those grant funds are exhausted the shelter will turn to donations in an effort to continue the program and hopefully keep it operating indefinitely.

Orange County Animal Services will be accepting donations to its trust fund to help continue these efforts. If interested in donating, please feel welcome to do so via check made out to “Animal Services Trust Fund” and mailed to the shelter at 2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, Florida 32839. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

There are many spay and neuter resources available throughout the state! Please reach out to your municipal animal shelter for guidance.

You're ready to apply for a voucher if you meet the below criteria:

  • Meet the definition of low-income as described above
  • Are a current resident of Orange County, Florida
  • Have one or two pets ready for spay/neuter within the next six months
  • Can agree to schedule the procedure within 90 days of receiving the voucher
Ready to begin? Please apply here.

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